Will the media return?

Mohammad shariful Alam chowdhury :Mohammad shariful Alam chowdhury : The mass media has become 'out of the hands' of the people. It has become a tissue of politics and capitalism. Public interest is buried under political and corporate interests. The mega stars who steer today's media are the brainchild of British brands. And the vision is full of sixties political fantasy. Their clothes and eloquence, in various colors and forms, only flash, startle; The inner brain does not change.

Basically, today's 'street to street' media managers and directors are overwhelmingly political leaders-activists-supporters of the eighties-nineties. They are sleeping in the golden past in their mind. Two decades into the twenty-first century, when the world is facing the challenge of major changes, our news managers still suffer from the fantasy of the sixties and seventies. They do not know, nor need to know, the meaning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The media which are constantly filling the minds of the 60s with the roar of the sky are returning to the pavilion after a few days with surprise after surprise. Being alienated, losing capital and making thousands of journalists unemployed. Although the 60's brains who have turned the media into public enemies are taking up new projects with the help of huge cash in the opportunity of being competitive.

The knee-jerk character of the once right-wing 60s brains has led the right-wing media to near extinction.  In the same vein, left-wing progressive heroes have in the last few decades become staunch servants of selfish-stupid-retrogressive politics, leaving the mass media as agents of crony capitalism utterly 'depopulated'. At the same time, thousands of associations have been formed to make political servants and agents under the guise of protecting the interests and security of journalists.

As these associations of journalists have become powerful, the basic structure of the media has crumbled. In which the most air has been given by the ecstatic staff of the state-run media run by the people. Those who have increased their own happiness at the expense of the public have taken a position against the public interest as the spokesperson of the government. Never felt the urge to become a public spokesperson.

Of course, the ardent servant of politics in mind and brain is bowing down in the battle of those megastar times of media and now being abandoned to the political superstars. The politics that they have served for so long is throwing them into the dustbin as an 'umbrella after the rain'. In such a situation, many of the eighty stars of the 'segregated' media are thinking of retirement leaving thousands of journalists worried.

A new trend is emerging worldwide in this media disaster.  The mass media wants to be managed directly by the people without being hostage to a special group or politics for the sake of capital. The media will be run for the people, in the public interest at the request of the people.The journey has already begun around the world. Footsteps are also heard in Bangladesh. It is only a matter of time for the new generation of media to take hold of the talented right-wing generation of the 21st century.

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